Routine Activities

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These cards are the perfect tool to give your child a head start in introducing routine activities. With vibrant illustrations and bold letters, each card in this set of cards showcases a routine activity, including brushing teeth, eating breakfast, and getting dressed, making them engaging and easy for kids to use.

Product Specification

Material Type:‚  Ivory 300(K)

Recommended age:  8months - 3years +

Net Quantity: 1

Packaging Dimension(l*b*h; dia) :9*9 cm

Item weight: 36g

Model number : PYN_RA


Country of Origin: India

Manufacturer:  Pereyan LLP

How to play?

1. Choose a card and show it to your child, then read the name of the routine activity aloud.
2. Repeat the name of the activity and explain why and how it is done, using simple language that your child can understand.
3. Encourage your child to perform the activity shown on the card and provide guidance as needed.
4. Once your child has mastered one or two cards, gradually add more cards to help them understand their daily routine.
5. Use the cards to establish a daily routine for your child, incorporating the activities shown on the cards.

What will my child learn?

  • Kids will improve their vocabulary and language skills by learning new words and phrases related to routine activities.
  • Kids will develop important life skills like independence, responsibility, and self-discipline.
  • Kids will learn to establish positive habits and routines that will help them in their daily lives.
  • The colorful illustrations on the cards can help kids with visual recognition, helping them to identify routine activities.
  • They will improve their memory and recall skills by memorizing the different routine activities on the cards.

Material and care

  • Material-A Printed on FSC certified eco friendly paper.
  • Care-A Wipe with dry clean cloth.