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A one-stop shop for creative and educational products, offering everything from toys and learning materials

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About Us

Welcome to Pereyan LLP, your premier destination for innovative educational toys and wooden accessories based in the heart of Bangalore, India. 

we recognize parents' pivotal role in their child's education and stimulation. Our journey began with extensive research in hospitals, identifying key developmental goals and crafting solutions tailored to children's needs.

Collaborating with specialists in early childhood education and clinical doctors, we've created a range of toys designed for each developmental phase. Our aim is not just to encourage your child's natural creativity and curiosity but also to support parents in providing enriching experiences. Pereyan believes in making learning an integral, enjoyable part of a baby's life, with benefits that last a lifetime.

As a BIS-certified manufacturing firm, we are dedicated to fostering holistic development in children. Our in-house team of experts and designers meticulously crafts products to support developmental milestones, from engaging toys to personalized gifts and home decor. 

Pereyan is a one-stop solution for creative and educational products, offering a diverse range of categories to meet your child’s development needs, including consumer goods and educational materials. 

Embrace the joy of learning and creativity with us.