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Crafted from high-quality, sustainable wood, these beautiful maracas are perfect for your baby to shake, tap, and play with. They are perfectly sized for tiny hands and lightweight, making them easy to hold. Plus, the vibrant non-toxic colors used will delight your child, while the gentle rattling sound will encourage their sense of rhythm and coordination.

Product Specification

Material Type: Wood

Recommended age: 6 months +

Net Quantity: 2

Packaging Dimension(l*b*h; dia) :20*16 cm ; 5cm

Item weight: 100g

Model number : PYN_MM


Country of Origin: India

Manufacturer: Supreme Handicrafts/ Bharat Arts & Crafts

How to play?

1. Introduce the maracas to your kid.
2. Encourage your child to hold the maracas in their hands, and help them get a comfortable grip on them.
3. Demonstrate how to shake the maracas by gently moving your own hands back and forth, creating a rattling sound.
4. Encourage your child to imitate your movements and experiment with shaking the maracas at different speeds and in different directions.
5. Once your child is comfortable with shaking the maracas, encourage them to tap them together gently or against other objects to create different sounds.
6. As your child becomes more comfortable with the maracas, you can introduce simple songs or rhythms for them to play along with.

What will my child learn?

  • By shaking the maracas and hearing the sound they produce, they will learn about cause and effect relationships.
  • Holding and shaking the maracas will help them develop their fine motor skills, as they learn to control the movement of their hands and fingers.
  • The vibrant colors on the maracas will help develop their visual perception and recognition skills.
  • As they experiment with shaking and tapping the maracas, they will explore their creativity and imagination, coming up with their own rhythms and sounds.
  • By listening to the sound of the maracas and trying to match their movements to the rhythm, it will help in their auditory development.‚  

Material and care

  • Material-A Sustainably harvested wood.
  • Care-A Wipe with a clean and damp cloth.