RYB Mobile

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Crafted from high-quality, child-safe materials, the RYB sphere mobile is durable and safe for your child to play with. With its colorful, geometric design and fluid movement, the mobile toy features colorful spheres that spin and move around each other, creating a soothing visual display. The mobile is easy to install and can be hung anywhere, making it a perfect addition to your child's playroom.

Product Specification

Material Type:  Wood

Recommended age: 0 years +

Net Quantity: 1

Packaging Dimension(l*b*h; dia) :  23*16 cm

Item weight: 58g

Model number: PYN_RYB


Country of Origin: India

Manufacturer: Supreme Handicrafts/ Bharat Arts & Crafts

How to play?

1. Hang the mobile in a place where your child can easily see it, such as above their crib.
2. Encourage your child to reach out and touch the spheres gently, feeling their texture and weight.
3. Demonstrate how the spheres can be pushed and spun.
4. Talk to your child about the colors and shapes of the spheres, asking them to identify and name them.

What will my child learn?

  • The spinning and moving of the colorful spheres will help them develop their visual perception skills.
  • The mobile's geometric design will help enhance their cognitive development.
  • The soothing visual display created by the mobile will promote relaxation and calmness in them.
  • As they reach out to touch the spheres and try to catch them, they will develop their hand-eye coordination.
  • Watching the spheres move and spin will help them improve their focus and attention span.
  • Watching the colorful spheres spin and move around each other will help children develop their ability to track objects visually.
  • The bright colors of the spheres will help them learn to recognize and distinguish between different colors.
  • By touching or moving the spheres, they will see how their actions cause a reaction.

Material and care

  • Material-A Soft, light wood with a nontoxic paint.
  • Care-A Wipe with a clean and damp cloth.