Month 5 : Monthly Educational Learning Box | Level 5 | Montessori Box

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Tinyvers by Pereyan LLP

Monthly Educational Learning Boxes(Level 1 -36)

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  • LEARNING TOOLS FOR BABIES 5 MONTHS: Designed by experts,our Cards with Simple shapes & more complex patterns and objects to meet your baby's devloping vision & sensory development. Our products also helps to develop grasp, teaches cause and effect, encourages lifting head during tummy time, develops fine motor skills.
  • INCLUDES: Crochet Sensory Ball, Rattle Socks , Framed tummy time Mirror, Single Circle Puzzle, Fruit Cards - Set 1,Tummy Time Buddy Foldable Card, Things Around Me Book & a Parental Guide.
  • RIGHT TOY AT RIGHT AGE: Tinyvers provides everything your baby needs to play with for their brain development.We provide the right toy at the right age.Craftely designed for every milestone.
  • PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT: Our monthly educational learning montessori box is an ideal baby shower gift to stimulate brain development, neck and back strength during tummy time, and vocabulary development as baby grows more curious about the world around them.
  • SAFE & NON-TOXIC: Our toys are made from child safe materials and safety tested for infants.
What's inside the box?
  • Crochet Sensory Ball -Color, texture, play – grasping, passing from hand to hand and reaching.
  • Rattle Socks -Kick, rattle, and grow – fun with every move and this socks will Improves lower body strength as baby kicks to hear the rattle sound. 
  • Framed tummy time Mirror -Discover, reflect, engage – self-exploration fun and build body awareness, head and neck control.
  • Single Circle Puzzle -First simplest puzzle for baby on Shape, the concept of fitting things together, succeed.
  • Fruit Cards - Set 1 - Improves memorisation skills and boost language with fresh picks for eager minds! 
  • Tummy Time Buddy Foldable Card -Develop sense of sight, Meet, greet, and strengthen – tummy time fun
  • Things Around Me Book -Explore, learn, connect – everyday wonders and boost language skills.
  • Parental Guide- Consists of details of educational toys, safety guidelines, benefits of each toys & how to play in step by step instructions.

    Product Specification

    Material Type: Wood, Paper, Fabric 

    Recommended age: 5 Months+

    Net Quantity: 7 Educational Toys & a Parental Guide

    Packaging Dimension(l*b*h; dia) : 28.5*22.5*7.5cm

    Item weight: 428g

    Model number : PYN_TMELB05

    SKU : PYN_TMELB05_05M

    Country of Origin: India

    Manufacturer: Pereyan LLP

    How to play?

    1. Open the Monthly educational learning box together to spark curiosity.
    2. Choose activities that match your child's developmental stage, using the parenting guide for guidance.
    3. Engage with the age-appropriate toys and materials provided, focusing on those that promote growth and development.
    4. Encourage independent play and creativity to support brain development.
    5. Rotate the materials to keep your child's interest engaged.
    6. Consult the parental guide for insights on enhancing developmental progress.
    7. Adapt to your child's pace and interests for a personalized learning experience.
    8. Celebrate each milestone to motivate and acknowledge progress.
    9. Remember, this Monthly educational learning box/ playkit is designed to support early childhood, independent play, and developmental growth in babies and toddler.

    What will my child learn?

    1. Sensory Development: Explore colors, shapes, and textures.
    2. Motor Skills: Enhance coordination and dexterity.
    3. Language Growth: Build vocabulary and communication skills.
    4. Problem-solving: Cultivate logical thinking and creativity.
    5. Social Understanding: Learn empathy and social cues.
    6. Emotional Intelligence: Express and manage emotions through play.

    Material and care

    • Crafted with eco-friendly and durable materials,  Educational learning box are designed for safety and longevity. Simple cleaning with a damp cloth for wood, solid items and gentle washing for fabrics keeps them in great condition.