Life Cycle Puzzle

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The Life Cycle Puzzle is an engaging educational toy for kids to learn about the growth of plants. Featuring five jigsaw pieces that connect in a straight line, the puzzle depicts the different stages of a plant's life cycle, from seed to fully grown plant. Made of safe and high-quality materials, this durable puzzle offers hours of educational fun for kids.

Product Specification

Material Type: Wood

Recommended age: 2 year +

Net Quantity: 1

Packaging Dimension(l*b*h; dia) :11*6 cm

Item weight: 48g

Model number : PYN_LC


Country of Origin: India

Manufacturer: Supreme Handicrafts/ Bharat Arts & Crafts

How to play?

1. Take out the puzzle pieces from the box and place them on a flat surface.
2. Ask your child to identify the different pieces and arrange them in order from left to right, starting from the seed to the sapling.
3. Explain the different stages of a plant's life cycle, including germination, growth, and maturation, using the puzzle pieces as a visual aid.
4. Once your child understands the different stages, ask them to assemble the puzzle pieces in the correct order.
5. Once they become familiar with the puzzle, mix up the pieces and allow them to arrange them in the correct order again.

What will my child learn?

  • Development of problem-solving skills by figuring out how to arrange the puzzle pieces in the correct order.
  • Improvement of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination while manipulating the puzzle pieces.
  • Enhanced cognitive skills, such as concentration, focus, and attention to detail, as kids work on completing the puzzle.
  • Introduction to the concept of cause and effect as they understand how a plant grows and develops over time.
  • Promotion of logical thinking and sequencing abilities as they arrange the puzzle pieces in the right order.
  • Encouragement of creativity and imagination as they engage in the process of learning about the life cycle of plants.

Material and care

  • Material-A Soft, light wood with a nontoxic varnish.
  • Care-A Wipe with a dry clean cloth.