Rainbow Matching

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The Rainbow Matching is an interactive way for kids to learn about colors and matching. The set features six colorful pouches, each with four sticks that need to be matched to the corresponding pouch. With its bright colors and high-quality materials, the toy is sure to capture children's attention and provide them with hours of fun and educational playtime.

Product Specification

Material Type:  Fabric & Wood

Recommended age: 2 years +

Net Quantity: 1

Packaging Dimension(l*b*h; dia) :14*13 cm

Item weight: 45g

Model number :  PYN_RP


Country of Origin: India

Manufacturer: Bold Industries

How to play?

1. Take out the six colorful pouches and four sticks from each pouch.
2. Show your child how to match the colored sticks to the corresponding colored pouches.
3. Encourage your child to try matching the sticks to the pouches themselves.
4. Once they have successfully matched all the sticks, mix them up and ask them to match them again.
5. As your child becomes more familiar with the colors, you can ask them to match the sticks to the pouches without any help.

What will my child learn?

  • Kids can improve their matching skills by matching the colored sticks to the correct pouches.
  • Children can improve their fine motor skills by manipulating the small sticks and placing them in the pouches.‚  
  • The task of matching the sticks to the correct pouches requires problem-solving skills and helps children develop their ability to think logically.
  • The process of matching the sticks to the correct pouches requires patience and concentration, and can help children develop these important skills.

Material and care

  • Material-A Baby safe felt fabric material.
  • Care-A Hand wash in lukewarm water.