Parallel Stack

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Perfect for playtime and learning, the parallel stake features a sturdy wooden structure with a horizontal dowel and three brightly colored hollow discs that slide along the dowel. Made from high-quality wood and covered with non-toxic paint, this toy is sure to delight your child. Plus, the colorful wooden discs slide back and forth along the dowel, providing endless entertainment and stimulation.

Product Specification

Material Type:  Wood

Recommended age:‚  1 year +

Net Quantity: 1

Packaging Dimension(l*b*h; dia) :13*13*13 cm

Item weight: 184g

Model number :  PYN_PLS


Country of Origin: India

Manufacturer:  Pereyan LLP

How to play?

1. Place the toy set on a flat surface such as a table or the floor.
2. Show your child how to slide the colorful wooden discs back and forth along the dowel.
3. Encourage your child to experiment with the discs, such as sliding them faster or slower, or arranging them in different color patterns.
4. As your child becomes more comfortable with sliding the discs, challenge them to move multiple discs at once, or to move the discs in a specific pattern.
5. Ask your child questions about the toy to encourage learning, such as which colors they see and how many discs there are.‚  

What will my child learn?

  • As your child slides the colorful wooden discs back and forth along the dowel, they will improve their hand-eye coordination and motor skills.
  • The bright and colorful wooden discs will help your child recognize and differentiate between colors.
  • As there are three wooden discs on the dowel, your child can practice counting and learn basic numbers through play.
  • Your child can use their imagination to come up with different ways to play with the toy, such as arranging the discs in different patterns.
  • Playing with the toy can help your child develop focus and concentration as they work to slide the discs along the dowel.
  • Your child can learn about cause and effect as they experiment with the toy, such as sliding the discs faster or slower to see how it affects the movement of the other discs.

Material and care

  • Material-A Soft, light wood with a non-toxic paint.
  • Care-A Wipe with a clean and damp cloth.