Arctic Animals Flashcards

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The Arctic animal flashcards is the perfect source of introducing your kids to the creatures that reside in the cold regions of our planet. The set includes beautifully illustrated flashcards featuring penguins, arctic foxes, reindeer, and more. Made with high-quality materials, the flashcards can endure wear and tear while being easy to handle, ideal for little ones to explore.

Product Specification

Material Type: PC250 Paper

Recommended age: 8months - 3years +

Net Quantity: 1

Packaging Dimension(l*b*h) :20*12 cm

Item weight: 52g

SKU :  PYN-25P-FC-12-AAF

Country of Origin: India

Manufacturer:  Pereyan LLP

How to play?

1. Choose a flashcard from the deck and show it to your child.
2. Read the name of the animal on the flashcard aloud.
3. Repeat the name of the animal several times to help your child remember.
4. Encourage your child to repeat the name of the animal after you.
5. Once your child is familiar with the flashcard, ask them questions such as “what is the color of it?“how many legs does it have?

What will my child learn?

  • Vocabulary building: Learning new words can help children expand their vocabulary and improve their communication skills.
  • Pronunciation practice: Repeating the names of the animals after parents can help children practice pronunciation and develop their speech abilities.
  • Cognitive development: It can aid in improving children's memory, attention, and recalling of information.
  • Observational skills-Through pictures on the flashcards, kids can observe the physical attributes of each animal, such as the colors of penguin or the horns of a reindeer.
  • Knowledge about the Arctic: Kids can gain an understanding of what kind of animals live in the Arctic region and how they are adapted to the cold climate.

Material and care

  • Material-A Printed on FSC certified eco friendly paper.
  • Care-A Wipe with dry clean cloth.